"Foot yoga: take care of your feet to improve your overall health".

"Foot yoga: take care of your feet to improve your overall health".

The feet, an often-overlooked area of our body, yet crucial for our overall well-being. Indeed, our feet are essential for our joint and muscle health, as well as our mental health. However, they are often mistreated, locked in uncomfortable shoes all year round. This is where foot yoga comes in, a practice that is gradually becoming more popular.

👉🏾 Why is foot yoga important?

Foot yoga involves practicing specific exercises to take care of our feet. According to professionals, this practice can considerably improve our daily lives. It helps strengthen the foot, muscle the ankle, shape the calf, stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, and even combat musculoskeletal disorders.

👉🏾 What does it look like in practice?

We place our feet on the ground to engage all four sides of the feet, from heel to toe. Then we stretch them and place more power on the big toe, little toe, and heel, creating a sort of arch at the level of the plantar arch. This exercise is called "pada bandha" and is one of the most popular in foot yoga.

👉🏾 How to practice foot yoga in our daily lives?

Contrary to popular belief, foot yoga is not limited to a practice in a studio, it can even be practiced while walking. Most people never think about how they place their foot on the ground, yet it is almost a well-being gesture. Rolling the foot, from heel to toe, mindfully, helps stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, thereby enhancing overall body wellness."

👉🏾 The benefits of foot yoga for your mental and physical health

But the benefits of foot yoga don't stop there. It can also help us regain emotional balance by focusing on the feet. Indeed, they can carry emotional significance. For example, placing more weight on the heel would indicate a strong tendency to turn to the past, while relying on the toes would indicate a strong grounding in the future. The center of the foot represents the present, where everyone should place their lower limbs.

By knowing these facts, we should all pay more attention to our feet and take care of them properly. Regular practice of foot yoga, although not well-known, is extremely beneficial for our body and mind. By taking care of our feet, we can significantly improve our overall well-being.

So why not try foot yoga today ? 🧘🏽‍♀️

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